Physical Therapy Assistants Job Description In Detail

Working under minimal guidance of physiotherapists, the PTAs core duty is to help relieve pain from injuries. This job demands people to have a caring and understanding attitude if they are to effectively do their duties.

A Basic Physical Therapy Assistants Job Description

What does a PTA do ?  To aid in developing treatment plans, record the patients’ progress or even adjust treatment following  progress checks.

The Basic Duties

Most of duties are given by the physiotherapist but generally you need to do the following tasks:

  • Be able to administer traction to ease both neck and back pain. This will need you to have the knowledge of how to use static and intermittent traction equipment.
  • To carry out clerical works. This involves ordering supplies, answering office calls, filling out forms and taking inventory.
  • Ensure that treatment areas are always ready by preparing the patient and availing equipment needed for sessions.
  • To instruct, encourage and motivate clients during exercises and aid them to in doing some functional activities.
  • Perform percussions, postural drainage and vibrations while at the same time showing clients some basic breathing stretches to enhance respiratory health.
  • Meeting with the rest of the staff to discuss the progress of particular patients.
  • Perform active and passive therapeutic massage, exercises, sound and some electrical modality treatments.
  • Perform tests on the range of joint motion in body parts, to test how effective the treatment is to the client.
  • Keeping an eye on the use of certain equipment and recording the relation to the client used on.
  • Cleaning the areas of exercises and make sure that the equipment is correctly stored.

Some Activities You Will Be Involved In

As an assistant you will automatically find yourself involved in several activities. The scope of activities is very wide but this article will help you with the most common ones.

  • Helping provide care to others: you often offer personal help, provide emotional support and give medical attention.
  • Performing basic physical activities: this involves movement of your body parts during climbing, lifting equipment, stooping and balancing during sessions to show the clients what they need to do.
  • Working with the public: activities like receiving guests and clients, serving customers and even getting information from relevant sources about the clinic, are mostly in the area of assistants.
  • Making some basic decisions: this includes analyzing information and checking results of certain procedures to make decisions on the progress of a client.

Are PTA Jobs Demanding?

Finally, be ready or experienced enough to handle this physically demanding job and be comfortable with working 38 hours a week but also be ready for some part-time schedules.

The good thing with that is you will always add to the already good salary. This profession is a highly promising one and our hope is that this article have helped make you understand what to expect.