Basic Information On Physical Therapy Assistant License

The physical therapy licensing board established in the early 1971, Was created specifically to control and regulate the physical therapy practice.

The main aim of this board is to make sure that the public is well protected and meet professional standards of the practice.

It was also created to make sure that physical therapy assistants (PTAs) have a solid accredited education and have valid licenses within their jurisdiction of job practice.

License Within Different States

Through this board PTAs have been able to get intense training throughout their entire work span.

Different states have different laws that govern the operations of PTAs and each state has its own physical therapy boardsĀ  controlled by state statutes and regulations which stipulate the margin of their work. Here is a great resource Practice Acts By State

Issuing PTA Licenses

Physiotherapy Assistance License

How to gain a PTA license

These boards have the responsibilities of issuing licenses, creating and influencing rules and regulations. They also check education, investigate on complaints issued and give out penalties for any violations made.

They also have the power to revoke, impose probation and suspend a license or even limit the practice of an assistant.

Members of the boards are directly appointed by the governor and are to give service for four years. Sometimes board members are re-appointed if their service is exemplary.

Physical Therapy Assistance License Requirements

  • Working mainly as an assistant for the physical therapist the licensing requirements for assistants vary from one state to another.
  • The license to practice physical therapy is renewed every two years
  • Most states enable status verification of licensing of practitioners. You can get physical therapy license look up tools for the state that you come from, from the internet click here.
  • Physical therapists must pass a national physical therapy exam before given a license for the practice.
  • For you to do this exam, you must have an associate degree from a renown university, you must also have passed well in therapeutic procedures, cardiac rehabilitation, anatomy and kinesiology.

General Requirements For a license

The first thing you need to note is that you be of good moral character. Your information clean from any criminal charges or detainment.

The second thing for you to be considered for a license application is that you are at least eighteen years of age. This is mandatory since you must give your identification card to the right department.

Examination Requirements And Certificates

Another important thing as mentioned above is that you must meet the required level of education and all the examination requirements. You should also attach your certificates during the application for the license.

The last thing you will need to do is to file an application that includes all your details.

All the necessary requirements forms for physical therapy assistance license must appropriately be submitted with the required fee. For more information on requirements click here