Kick-Start Your Career With A Physical Therapy Assistant Degree Online

A career as a physical therapist assistant should begin with enrolling in an accredited program. There’s great advantage in completing your physical therapy assistant degree online.

Online programs offer the same qualifications as attending classes on campus. However, you have greater freedom to organize your studies in a more convenient schedule for your goal.

Distance education offers a number of benefits to students who cannot attend campus classes to earn a degree. Obtaining your degree online enables you to work or complete family obligations as you make progress towards your higher education.

Online programs combine a high educational standard with convenience of study to meet your goals. Distance education also provides opportunities to network with others, obtain practical training in your profession and gain valuable experience to kick-start your career.

Choosing a Physical Therapy Assistant Degree Online School

Choosing the right school is key to getting qualified training in this profession. Schools accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) offer degree programs that qualify you for licensing in this profession.

Almost all U.S. states require that physical therapist assistants (PTA) be licensed to practice in their field. Some institutions offer programs for physical therapy aides, rather than assistants.

Aide training is not as extensive as assistant training and may not meet the standards of CAPTE for licensing.

PTA programs entail classroom and practical training; they generally last 2 years and culminate with receiving an Associate degree.

Working on your degree online gives you greater leeway in completing your program sooner or later, according to your need. All academic courses are available online; arrangement for practical training can be made at a clinical facility nearby.


PTA Degree Online

PTA Degree`s

You can expect coursework for your program to include such subjects as anatomy, physiology, biology, exercise physiology, kinesiology, clinical pathology, neuroscience, behavioral sciences, chemistry, communication and ethics.

Approximately 75% of your curriculum will cover classroom and lab studies; the remaining 25% – about 16 weeks of clinical education where you will get practical experience in patient care.

States may differ when it comes to academic and clinical requirements for obtaining a license to work as a physical therapy assistant in that state. Before registering for your program, be sure it meets the requirements of the state where you want to practice.

The Importance Of Accredited Programs

Because the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) doesn’t rank physical therapy assistant degree online programs, it’s important you choose a program that’s accredited by CAPTE to make sure you receive a quality education. By perusing APTA’s school directory online, you can get a better idea of which institutions offer distance education programs. As always we recommend you visit for up to date information on PTA degrees

The following are a few factors to consider when researching your options:

•Structure of program
•Clinical training opportunities
•Faculty and facilities
•Licensing pass rates
•Admission requirements and cost
•Employability after graduation

A survey of recent graduates can give you valuable insight into your prospective program and its value to establishing a good career.