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Accredited Physical Therapy Assistant Schools Online

It is possible to find physical therapy assistant schools online when you decide to get into the field. Online schools and distance learning are opening opportunities for those who cannot attend vocational and technical schools on physical campuses. Online-only courses and online extensions of existing colleges often offer classes and credentials in a number of … Continue reading

Choosing Physical Therapy Assistant Schools

There are many factors that affect how to choose which school out of the many physical therapy assistant schools will work best for you. How much will the program cost? How much education is required for admission?  Looking to physically attend classes or complete the coursework online? These questions and more are answered by doing … Continue reading

A Primer On The Physical Therapy Assistant Degree

Course Overview The physical therapy assistant degree (PTA) is a two-year associate degree program offered by various institutions accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). In general, this study program introduces graduates to the conduct, knowledge, and the necessarily skill set. It also prepares learners to take the National Licensure Examination, … Continue reading

Physical Therapy Assistants Job Description In Detail

Working under minimal guidance of physiotherapists, the PTAs core duty is to help relieve pain from injuries. This job demands people to have a caring and understanding attitude if they are to effectively do their duties. A Basic Physical Therapy Assistants Job Description What does a PTA do ?  To aid in developing treatment plans, … Continue reading

A Guide To Working As A Physical Therapy Assistant

The market for physical therapy assistants (PTA) is growing rapidly. Employed is to increase by 41% between 2012 and 2020, according to recent statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not only are assistants in demand they are also performing a highly critical task. By helping people to regain mobility and reduce pain, they … Continue reading

Median Physical Therapy Assistant Salary Information

Since 2010 and slightly beyond, the medical profession has seen a steady, positive increase in jobs and salaries as medical staff becomes more in demand. With various professions in the industry expected to reach salary increases that are well above that of the median overall job force, many of those positions being in the field … Continue reading

Basic Information on Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

Physiotherapists give an essential service when it comes to relieving pain after injuries. They are well equipped to handle their duties effectively whether employed or working privately. However, these professionals cannot handle all the clients needs alone. Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) work along physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to give therapeutic services to patients … Continue reading

How To Obtain Physical Therapist Assistant Certification

To get a physical therapy assistant certification, you must fulfill certain education and examination requirements, as you must have a state-issued license to practice and get employment. To earn the certification in this field, you need to pass a national board certification examination, which makes you eligible for licensure within your state. The following are … Continue reading

Basic Information On Physical Therapy Assistant License

The physical therapy licensing board established in the early 1971, Was created specifically to control and regulate the physical therapy practice. The main aim of this board is to make sure that the public is well protected and meet professional standards of the practice. It was also created to make sure that physical therapy assistants … Continue reading

Finding Accredited Physical Therapy Assistant Online Programs

Physical therapy is an exciting, challenging and rewarding field. Helping a person regain their ability to move, walk and carry out daily living abilities is extremely satisfying. How To Identify The Right Program The integral step in finding a PTA online program is identifying an accredited program that includes classes in the basics of kinesiology, … Continue reading